BTS Become First Korean Act To Earn 3 RIAA Certifications

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BTS may be 10 days out from the release of their new album, Love Yourself: Answer, but they’re keeping busy in the lead-up time by breaking even more records in the United States. The K-pop septet has further emphasized its massive global appeal by becoming the first Korean act to earn three RIAA certifications, Chart Data reports.

In February, the RIAA awarded BTS gold certifications for “DNA” and “Mic Drop,” signifying sales and streams in excess of 500,000 units apiece. Those songs became the group’s first two charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100 last year, peaking at Nos. 67 and 28, respectively. On Aug. 8, BTS earned their third gold certification for “Fake Love,” which debuted and peaked at No. 10 on the Hot 100 in May. The song made them the first K-pop group to reach the chart’s Top 10 and the first Korean artist overall to debut in its uppermost region. The song’s accompanying album, Love Yourself: Tear, also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, a first for the genre.

These certifications, along with the performances of “Fake Love” and Love Yourself: Tear, further emphasize BTS’s massive global crossover success. Tear sold a then-record 1.44 million pre-order copies in its first six days in South Korea, while the “Fake Love” video scored the fourth-highest 24-hour YouTube debut of all time with 35.9 million views. The boy band’s success also translates to the upcoming Love Yourself world tour, which kicks off next week and includes 14 sold-out North American arena dates. (BTS also announced their first U.S. stadium show last week: They’ll play New York’s Citi Field in October, and tickets go on sale this Friday.)

Keen to capitalize on their worldwide momentum, BTS will release Love Yourself: Answernext Friday, Aug. 24. The album became an instant Amazon best seller based on pre-orders alone, and it broke the group’s Korean record by surpassing 1.5 million pre-orders in its first six days of availability. It could reasonably become their second consecutive U.S. chart-topper, and if the pre-release figures serve as an indication, the group should score additional RIAA certifications in the near future.

Charles Worley, Providence Road Baptist Church, and Leviticus 18:22

Sad, sad

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Charles Worley on May 13 called for the murder of more than 2 billion people Charles Worley on May 13, 2012, called for the murder of more than 2 billion people

Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church, Maiden, North Carolina, called for a round-up of all lesbians and “queers and homosexuals.”  Like a deranged Old Testament prophet, he demanded that gays and lesbians be dropped into genocide-like concentration camp complete with an electric fence.  Immediately afterwards, Worley sent out an invitation to “sodomites [sic] and lesbians” to join him in a reading of “Leviticus” [sic: 18:22].

Ancient pictographic representation of sacrifice of bread or animals Ancient pictographic representation of sacrifice of bread or animals

While Worley rants about Baal (a word that actually means “husband” or “father” and Baal-worship prevailed in Israel (Judges viii. 33), and particularly in Shechem (Judges ix. 4), its is the equivalent “El-berith” (Judges ix. 46, R. V.) to mean “the God of the Covenant”. B’nai B’rithmeans “Sons of the Covenant), and any ancient “child sacrifice” was replaced with animal sacrifice that the ancient Hebrews…

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Providence Road Baptist Church Maiden, NC and Nazi Germany

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Stacey Pritchard

Stacey Pritchard is typical of the congregation located at 3283 Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, Catawba County (where 50% of the graduating class noted a growing problem of bullying, with much of it stemming from churches), North Carolina 28650: full of hate, a Biblical illiterate who reads neither Greek nor Hebrew, and has no training in exegetical Biblical studies or the Bible, and as undereducated as Pastor Charles Worley. Worley has a great challenge and unusual difficulty: he cannot use the English language with any finesse, not realizing that “queers” and “homosexuals” and “lesbians” are not three separate groups.

Stacey Pritchard, however, is identical to the women supporters of Adolf Hitler two generations earlier.  She wants those who disagree with her selective and false reading of her Bible to be put in Concentration Camps  and exterminated.

Prisoners wearing Pink Triangles at Sachsenhausen, 19 December 1938

This fulfills Adolf…

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